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    • 23 JUL 14


    CEREC is the latest in restoration technology that allows our doctors to design and make high quality ceramic (tooth colored) restorations in just one office visit.  The system is comprised of an onsite digital infrared camera, medical grade computer, and milling machine. The digital camera takes an optical image of your tooth and when uploaded to the computer, allows the doctor to use 3D CAD/CAM technology to design and automatically create a custom made restoration while you wait.  In a short period of time, a durable, precisely crafted and aesthetically pleasing ceramic restoration can be fabricated to restore your damaged tooth to its original shape and function.

    Restorations created by CEREC are a great alternative to traditional crowns and veneers.  Traditional methods require enduring uncomfortable impressions and a second visit to the dentist’s office while the restoration is being made at an off-site dental lab. CEREC’s digital imaging and onsite milling eliminate the discomfort and the wait.

    If you have a large restoration that needs to be completed, you may be a good candidate for CEREC.  To find out about this smile altering service, please call our office today!