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    • 23 JUL 14

    Fixed Bridges

    A bridge is a fixed non-removable dental appliance that is an excellent solution for replacing the gap created by one or more missing teeth.   There are several types of bridges.  The most popular type is the traditional bridge which is usually made of porcelain fused to metal.  In a traditional bridge, the gap is filled by an artificial tooth (pontic) which is anchored by two crowns covering each of the adjacent teeth (abutments) on either side of the missing tooth.

    Dental bridges are extremely durable and will last many years but, even with normal wear, they may eventually need to be re-cemented or be replaced.

    Reasons for a fixed bridge:

    –      Fill gap

    –      Prevent existing teeth from drifting out of position

    –      Maintain shape of face

    –      Restore ability to chew or speak

    –      Upgrade from existing removable partial denture

    –      Regain your smile

    What does getting a fixed bridge involve?

    Getting a bridge normally requires two or more appointments.  The dentist will numb the area and prepare the two anchoring teeth by removing enamel to allow space for the crowns. An impression of the area will be made and sent to a dental laboratory where the bridge will be fabricated. Using the impression, the dentist will also make a temporary bridge for you to wear until your lab work returns, usually about two weeks later.

    At the second visit, the dentist will place your bridge while carefully checking and adjusting for a proper fit. Once satisfied, the dentist will permanently cement your bridge in place.  Occasionally, the dentist may choose to temporarily cement the bridge if your teeth and gum tissue need time to adjust to the new bridge.  The bridge would then be permanently cemented at a later appointment.

    You will receive care instructions for your new bridge.  Regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene will aid in prolonging the life of your bridge.

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